ART vs. MAINSTREAM - does :fjoergyn: polarize???

Indeed some people hold the opinion that fjoergyn polarizes. Maybe it´s explained in the fact we´re not sounding like other bands or even listening to our music is exhausting. I like both arguments. Read these reviews, form your own opinion…


We are very proud to announce our new label! It´s an unbelievable pleasure for all of us to become a member of the lifeforce family, which will release our upcoming record this autumn !!! Rock´N`Roll !!! Stephan L.  

The first vinyls are going to be shipped!!!

There are only few days left until TERRA SATANICA will see the light. Get one of 400 copies exclusively at

The DEVIL is already here!!!

Germany, watch your responsibility! You are afraid of the DEVIL, but request him to your table! Dear Louis Armstrong, sometimes I wish to see the world through your eyes.  #terrasatanica #FUCKracism #FUCKintolerance #LOVEmusic #fjoergyn …


Good morning world, finally our new records arrived and we start signing  and numbering 400 copies!!! ATTENTION (sorry to all the mailorders, which asked for them) TERRA SATANICA WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE!!! ROCK´N´ROLL !!!

Meet our new artwork artist Krajamine!!!

We are very glad to announce an artist from Erfurt we are future going to work with. Visit her site and get in touch with her ghosts!!! #krajamine


According to the election results of yesterday FJOERGYN decided to publish the lyrics of our upcoming song TERRA SATANICA in English. People around the world, please, open your eyes and free your mind!!! The world is changing and it really seems…

HEATHEN ROCK People around Hamburg, there are only two days left until burning hearts will light up the Heathen Rock Festival!!! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL!!!

Terra Satanica Lyrics

People asked me for publishing some contents of our new EP #terrasatanica. Maybe it´s better to form your own opinion by reading the lyrics. The song fits shockingly to our political development in Germany and all around the world. In this…


Thanks to all of you, who preordered our new limited EP during the last 36 hours!!! You are amazing. No word can describe this feeling know you as a fan of #fjoergyn, furthermore know you as a listener of art and no fucking mainstream!!! THANK…