According to the election results of yesterday FJOERGYN decided to publish the lyrics of our upcoming song TERRA SATANICA in English. People around the world, please, open your eyes and free your mind!!! The world is changing and it really seems that the devil walks among us!!!


I know a world, which pricked the cross in old earth,

Spokes from golden altars and promised the folk veridicality.

I know a world, which outweighs bad thoughts against gold,

Pours humility out of the pulpit, although it’s already bended by splendor.

I know a world, where the enemy is speaking of the enemy,

And admonishing warns with horrible punishments, if they break with the enemy.

I know this world, in which you fear the free spirit,

Rising from ancient earth and the false doctrine tired,

To grab the fire, to burn what the great tyranny

Created, to shackle us. Arise all out of slavery!!!

Gabriel, I can hear your moan. Because they are larger than your word!

So hot you burn and will forget. The word on the earth, it lives on!

Gabriel, I can taste the tears, memoirs in the salt of the seas!

You gave him the words in your name, to which it will preached.

Purgatory glows in alleys and sulfur gnawing on the masonry.

The sky burns red flames, in the deepest sea, a mountain of corpses.

The moon stoking fear and makes us believe, the sickle cutting through bones,

But not kill the word in faith, no, the hand does this alone

That, which can burn, may burn

Palaces, walls, lying writings,

Idols, wealth, toggles, shackles.

That, which poisoned every mind.

Tear the seams of the eyes,

The end was there, already yesterday,

Putting life in the tongue stump