The curse of FJOERGYN

Dear followers,

meanwhile it seems like a running gag. The curse of recording seems to be back. There was no release without delay. In our early beginning we had problems with distributors, discussions with previous labels, we even nixed a complete record…. Until the last week everything seemed to be perfect with our fifth release. New great label, a third guitarist, great songs and we were perfect in time. Therefore it´s a great pity to post this news.

During the period of recording our drummer injured his sinew. Today we got the information that he is not allowed to play drums until august. Although most of the songs are already recorded, we won´t finish our fifth record timely. Because of this we decided together with LIFEFORCE to defer the release to the first quarter of 2017. We really feel sorry, but that`s the curse of FJOERGYN.

Stay Rock´n`Roll,

Stephan L.