JUDASMESSE out on 02/06/2023

Finally, after a long period of waiting, JUDASMESSE will be released on the the 2nd of June 2023 via TROLLZORN.

The band’s sixth full-length album „Judasmesse“ will be released on June 2nd, 2023 – right in time for their 20th anniversary.

Critical, cynical and more topical than ever before, FJOERGYN ignite a firework of musical rejection and also reinvent themselves on „Judasmesse“. While the orchestral component dominated on all previous albums, the Thuringians present themselves more open to experimentation and sounds, which gives the new album an authoritative retro touch rarely found in this genre. Thematically the new album is dedicated to betrayal and pays homage to its most famous protagonists.

No comparisons, no compromises – FJOERGYN put their finger in the wound and offer a musical cosmos beyond the mainstream! An ode to art, freedom and contempt! Long live the betrayal!